Luyện Ielts Speaking: Các Từ vựng hữu ích khi nói về chủ đề Môi Trường

Để luyện thi Ielts Speaking chủ đề môi trường thành công, bạn bắt buộc phải biết được những cụm từ, từ vựng hữu ích thường dùng trong chủ đề môi trường.


1. Environmental Problems

- destruction of the rainforests (deforestation)

- melting of the icecaps

- extinction of many species (loss of biodiversity)

- destruction of the ozone layer

- global warming / the “greenhouse effect”

- rising sea levels

- pollution of land, sea and air

- increase of natural disasters e.g., earthquakes, landslides, floods


2. Cause of Environmental Problems


- excessive emissions of greenhouse gases, e.g. carbon dioxide

- chemical and industrial waste

- overuse of non-renewable fossil fuels

- genetic modification

- over-comsumption

- over-urbanization


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3. Solutions to Environmental Problems

- recyling

- using renewable sources of energy, e.g. solar heating, wind-farms

- replanting trees

- cutting carbon emissions

- cleaner waste disposal

- sustainable comsumtion and development

- buying products with less packaging

- buying organic products

- buying products made from recycled material / renewable sources

- using natural remedies as alternative medicine


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