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Question 11 - 16

What information does the speaker give about each of the following excursions?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-H

List of Findings

A all downhill

B suitable for beginners

C only in good weather

D food included

E no charge

F swimming possible

G fully booked today

H  transport not included

11 ................dolphin watching

12 ................. forest walk

13 ................... cycle trip

14 .................... local craft tour

15 .....................observatory trip

16 riding

Question 17 - 20

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO things does the speaker say about the attraction called Musical Favourites?

A You pay extra for drinks.

B You must book it in advance.

C You get a reduction if you buy two tickets.

D You can meet the performers.

E You can take part in the show.

Which TWO things does the speaker say about the Castle Feast?

A. Visitors can dance after the meal 

B. There is a choice of food

C. Visitors wear historical custome 

D. Knives and forks are not used 

E. The entertainment includes horse races. 



Hello everyone. I’m Jake Stevens and I’m your rep here at the hotel. I’m sure you’ll all have a great time here. So let me tell you a bit about what’s on offer. I’ll start by telling you about some of the excursions that are available for guests.

One thing you have to do while you’re here is go dolphin watching. On our boat trips, we pretty well guarantee you’ll see dolphins – if you don’t you can repeat the trip free of charge. We organise daily trips for just 35 euros. Unfortunately (Q11there aren’t any places left for this afternoon’s trip, but come and see me to book for later in the week.

If you’re energetic, I’d recommend our forest walk. It’s a guided walk of about seven kilometres. There’ll be a stop half way, and (Q11you’ll be provided with a drink and sandwiches. There’s some fairly steep climbs up the hills, so you need to be reasonably fit for this one, with good shoes, and bring a waterproof in case it rains. It’s just 25 euros all inclusive, and it’s every Wednesday.

Then on Thursdays we organise a cycle trip, which will give you all the fun of biking without the effort. We’ll take you and your bike up to the top of Mount Larna, and leave you to bike back – (Q13it’s a 700-metre drop in just 20 kilometres so this isn’t really for inexperienced cyclists as you’ll be going pretty fast. And if it’s a clear day, you’ll have fantastic views.

On our local craft tour you can find out about the traditional activities in the island. And the best thing about this trip is that (Q14it’s completely free. You’ll be taken to a factory where jewellery is made, and also a ceramics centre. If you want, you can buy some of the products but that’s entirely up to you. The trip starts after lunch on Thursday, and you’ll return by 6 pm.

If you’re interested in astronomy you may already know that the island’s one of the best places in the world to observe the night sky. We can offer trips to the observatory on Friday for those who are interested. They cost 90 euros per person and you’ll be shown the huge telescopes and have a talk from an expert, who’ll explain all about how they work. (Q15Afterwards we’ll head down to Sunset Beach, where you can have a dip in the ocean if you want before we head off back to the hotel.

Finally, there’s horse riding. This is organised by the Equestrian Centre over near Playa Cortino and it’s a great experience if you’re a keen horseback rider, (Q16or even if you’ve never been on a horse before. They take you down to the beach, and you can canter along the sand and through the waves. It costs 35 euros and it’s available every day.


So there’s plenty to do in the daytime, but what about night life?

Well, the number one attraction’s called ‘Musical Favourites’. Guests enjoy a three-course meal and unlimited free drinks, and watch a fantastic show, starting with musicals set in Paris and then crossing the Atlantic to Las Vegas and finally Copacabana. At the end the (Q17cast members come down from the stage, still in their stunning costumes, and you’ll have a chance to chat with them. It’s hugely popular, so let me know now if you’re interested because (Q18it’s no good leaving it until the last minute. It’s on Friday night. Tickets are just 50 euros each, but for an extra 10 euros you can have a table right by the stage.

If you’d like to go back in time, there’s the Castle Feast on Saturday evening. It’s held in a twelfth-century castle, and you eat in the great courtyard, with ladies in long gowns serving your food. You’re given a whole chicken each, which you eat in the medieval way, (Q19using your hands instead of cutlery, and you’re entertained by competitions where the horseback riders attempt to knock one another off their horses. Then you can watch the dancers in the ballroom and (Q20join in as well if you want. OK, so now if anyone …


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11. G

12. D

13. A

14. E

15. F

16. B

17&18. B, D

19&20. A, D



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