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Questions 1 – 6

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.



Customer heard about Thorndyke’s from a ……..friend………

Name:                   Edith 1………….

Address:               Flat 4,

                               2………….. Park Flats

                               (Behind the 3…………..)

Phone number:   875934

Best time to contact customer: during the 4……………

Where to park: opposite entrance next to the 5……………

Needs full quote showing all the jobs and the 6……………


Questions 7-10

Complete the table below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


Work to be done



Replace the 7………… in the door

Fix tomorrow

Paint wall above the 8…………..

Strip paint and plaster approximately one 9…………. in advance


One 10………… needs replacing (end of garden)




MR THORNDYKE:    Thorndyke’s

EDITH:                  Good morning. Is that Mr Thorndyke?

MR THORNDYKE:    Speaking. How can I help?

EDITH:                  I’ve got quite a few things which need painting and fixing in the flat and I wonder whether you’d be able to do the work.

MR THORNDYKE:    I’m sure I’d be able to help but let me take down a few details.

EDITH:                  Yes, of course.

MR THORNDYKE:    Well, firstly, how did you hear about us?

EDITH:                  It was my friend May Hampton (Example) … you did some excellent work for her a couple of years ago. Do you remember?

MR THORNDYKE:    Oh, yes, that was in West Park Flats, lovely lady.

EDITH:                  Yes, she is.

MR THORNDYKE:    And what’s your name, please?

EDITH:                  It’s Edith Pargetter. (Q1)

MR THORNDYKE:    Edith … can you spell your surname, please?

EDITH:                  It’s P-A-R-G-E-double T-E-R.

MR THORNDYKE:    Double T, right. And do you live in West Park Flats as well?

EDITH:                  No, actually it’s East (Q2) Park, Flat 4.

MR THORNDYKE:    Oh, right, that’s over the road, I seem to remember – quite difficult to get to.

EDITH:                  Yes, it’s at the back of the library. (Q3)

MR THORNDYKE:    Right, I know. And what’s your phone number?

EDITH:                  875934 but I’m out a great deal in the afternoons and evenings.

MR THORNDYKE:    So would the best time to ring you be in the morning? (Q4)

EDITH:                  Yes.

MR THORNDYKE:    Fine. I’ve made a note of that. Can I just ask, I’ll be in a van and I know parking’s rather difficult round your flats. Where would you recommend?

EDITH:                  Well, I always tell people in larger vehicles to park by the postbox on the other side of the road from the entrance. (Q5)

MR THORNDYKE:    Good, thanks.

EDITH:                  And will you be able to give me a full itemised quote?

MR THORNDYKE:    Oh, yes, I’ll list all the jobs separately with individual prices. (Q6)

EDITH:                  That’d be a great help.

MR THORNDYKE:    No problem.


MR THORNDYKE:    Now, what would you like me to do?

EDITH:                  Firstly and most urgently is in the kitchen. With all the weather damage, the glass in the door has cracked and I’d need that fixing …

MR THORNDYKE:    I presume you mean replacing? (Q7)

EDITH:                  Oh, yes. And as soon as possible …

MR THORNDYKE:    What I’ll do is come round tomorrow morning and do that immediately.

EDITH:                  Thank you so much. The other things aren’t so urgent but …

MR THORNDYKE:    Now, I’ll make a note of everything you want doing.

EDITH:                  Well, in the kitchen I’d like some painting doing.

MR THORNDYKE:    All the kitchen walls?

EDITH:                  Just the area over the cooker (Q8). It’s very greasy …

MR THORNDYKE:    Right … it does tend to get that way!

EDITH:                  Yes!

MR THORNDYKE:    Well, if you want a proper job done what I’d need to do is strip the old paint and plaster it about a week before I paint it. (Q9)

EDITH:                  Of course. Now, May tells me you also do work in the garden.

MR THORNDYKE:    That’s right.

EDITH:                  Well, I’d like you to replace a fence. (Q10)

MR THORNDYKE:    Just one?

EDITH:                  Yes, at the far end.

MR THORNDYKE:    Fine. Shouldn’t be a problem.

EDITH:                  And that’s the lot.

MR THORNDYKE:    Fine. Yeah, as I say I can come round tomorrow morning to look over things with you.

EDITH:                  That’s great, thank you.

MR THORNDYKE:    So, I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow at …



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1   Pargetter

2   East

3   library

4   morning / mornings

5   postbox

6   prices

7   glass

8   cooker

9   week

10   fence


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