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Questions 1-10
Complete the form below. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER.

Accomodation Form – Student Information

Type of accommodation: hall of residence
Name: Anu (1) ___________
Date of birth: (2) ___________
Country of origin: India
Course of study: (3) ___________
Number of years planned in hall:  (4) ___________
Preferred catering arrangement: half board
Special dietary requirements: no (5) ___________ (red)
Preferred room type: a single (6) ___________
Interests: the (7) ___________
and badminton
Priorities in choice of hall: to be with other students who are (8) ___________
To live outside the (9) ___________
To have a (10) ___________ area for socializing

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MAN: Good morning.Can I help you?

WOMAN: Yes.I've just been accepted on a course at the university and I'd like to try and arrange accommodation in the hall of residence.

MAN: Yes, certainly. Please sit down. What I'll do is fill in a form with you to find out a little more about your preferences and so forth.

WOMAN: Thank you.

MAN:So first of all, can I take your name?

WOMAN: It's Anu Bhatt. (1)

MAN: Could you spell your name please?

WOMAN: Yes.A-N-U...B-H-A double T.

MAN: Thanks, and could I ask your date of birth?

WOMAN: 31st March 1972. (2)

MAN: Thank you. And where are you from?

WOMAN: India.

MAN: Oh right.And what will you be studying?

WOMAN: I'm doing a course in nursing. (3)

MAN: Right, thank you. And how long would you want to stay in hall, do you think?

WOMAN: Well, it'll take three years but I'd only like to stay in hall for two (4). I'd like to think about living outside for the third year.

MAN: Fine. And what did you have in mind for catering? Do you want to cook for yourself or have all your meals provided, that's full board?

WOMAN: Is there something in between?

MAN: Yes. You can just have evening meal provided, which is half board.

WOMAN: That's what I'd prefer.

MAN: Yes, a lot of students opt for that. Now, with that in mind, do you have any special diet, anything we should know about?

WOMAN: Yes, I don't take red meat. (5)

MAN: No red meat.

MAN: Now, thinking about the room itself, we have a number of options. You can have a single study bedroom or you can have a shared one. These are both what we call simple rooms. The other alternative is to opt for a single bedsit which actually has more space and better facilities. There's about £20 a week difference between them.

WOMAN: Well, actually my grant is quite generous and I think the bedsit sounds the best option. (6)

MAN: Lovely. I'll put you down for that and we'll see what availability is like. Now can I ask some other personal details which we like to have on record?

WOMAN: Yes, of course.

MAN: I wonder if you could let us know what your interests are. This might help us get a closer match for placing you in a particular hall.

WOMAN: Ummm. Well. I love the theatre. (7)

MAN: Right.

WOMAN: And I enjoy sports, particularly badminton.

MAN: That's worth knowing. Now, what we finish with on the form is really a list from you of what your priorities are in choosing a hall and we'll do our best to take these into account.

WOMAN: Well, the first thing is I'd prefer a hall where there are other mature students (8), if possible.

MAN: Yes, we do have halls which tend to cater for slightly older students.

WOMAN: Ummm and I'd prefer to be out of town. (9)

MAN: That's actually very good for you because we tend to have more vacancies in out-of -town halls.

WOMAN: Lucky!

MAN: Yes. Anything else?

WOMAN: Well, I would like somewhere with a shared area, (10) a TV room for example, or something like that. It's a good way to socialise.

MAN: It certainly is.

WOMAN: That's it.

MAN:  Now, we just need a contact telephone number for you.

WOMAN: Sure, I'll just find it. It's double 67549.

MAN: Great, so we'll be in contact with you as soon as possible...

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1 . Bhatt

2. 31 March

3. nursing

4. 2

5. meat

6. bedsit

7. theatre

8. mature/ older

9. town

10. shared


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