Tổng Hợp Câu Hỏi và Câu Trả Lời Phần Ielts Speaking Chủ đề Child và Childhood

Với chủ đề child và childhood trong phần thi Ielts Speaking các bạn thường được hỏi các câu hỏi liên quan như trông bạn như thế nào khi bạn còn nhỏ, kỉ niệm nào đáng nhớ nhất khi bạn còn nhỏ, những hoạt động bạn hay tham gia khi bạn còn nhỏ, bạn lớn lên ở quê hay ở thành phố, trẻ em ở quê thì thường chơi những trò chơi gì? Nếu bạn đã kết hôn bạn sẽ được hỏi các câu hỏi về giáo dục sớm cho trẻ em, so sánh trẻ em thời trước và thời nay.... Dưới đây là một số câu hỏi và câu trả lời tham khảo cho phần thi Ielts Speaking topic child and childhood.



Tổng Hợp Câu Hỏi và Câu Trả Lời Phần Ielts Speaking

Chủ đề Child và Childhood


1. What are your hopes/ambitions for your child?

2. What hopes do your parents have for you?

3. My hope for my child? Well, I hope that she can be happy all her life.

4. Well, my parents hope that I can go abroad to study to fulfill their dream/ live a full and happy life.


In what kind of environment do you like your child to grow up in?

What sort of culture do you hope your child will grow up?

I’d like my son to grow up in a pleasant environment, but I have to be very careful not to spoil him. As you know, excessive love or permissiveness may mislead the child.

I hope my child will still know about Vietnam’s ancient culture and traditions, but also have a chance to combine them with aspects of modern society. I don’t want him to just accept everything that is “Western” and throw away everything that is “Vietnamese”. I want my child to be proud of his Vietnamese heritage, but also to be able to combine the best from the West and the East.


5. As a parent, do you plan to do anything different for your child than your parents did for you?


Yes, of course. I will communicate more openly with my child and give him more compliments and praise. When I was young, my parents had to work very hard to make both ends meet. They would not have spare more time for their children, never asking me how I was feeling and things like that. They rarely complimented me for anything though I know they loved me very much. But there was lack of communication and I often felt neglected. Now, I’d like to bring up my child differently from the way I was brought up. I want him to develop imagination, creativity, perseverance, and independence.


How is your life different from the lives of your parents when they were at your age?

Oh, there’s so much difference. I have had many more opportunities and a much more comfortable life than they had. In my parents’ time, there was not much entertainment or opportunities for work or education. The living standard was not very high. I remember my mother telling me stories about having one egg to eat for her birthday, a luxury at that time. I can’t really imagine a life like that, so I’m grateful that I have a better life than my parents had.


6. What about your own childhood? Where did you grow up?

7. Where did you spend your childhood?/Where were you brought up?


I was born in this city, but we moved to … when I was … years old, because … So, I grew up in … Now, I consider … as my home town.

I was born in …, but I spent my childhood in another city, for I lived with my grandparents.

I lived in … since I was born, and I never moved to other places. So, I spent my childhood in my home town.

I spent my childhood in my birthplace, but I went to another city to study/work.

I was born in Thanh Hoa province. When I was 6 years old, my parents moved to Hai Phong City with their factory. So, I was brought up there until I felt for Ha Noi to study at the age of 19.


8. Do you regard it as a happy period of your life?


Well, I say yes. At that time, we did have our moments, the exciting games, my peers, outdoor activities, everything. I was so carefree and happy though I have to admit that we didn’t have the kind of material things like toys, candies and the like.


9. Were you a good student? What are your strongest memories of your schooldays/childhood?

10. How did you use to spend your time?/How did you usually spend your time?

11. How did you enjoy your student days? Did you work hard?


Yes, I was a good boy with a very brilliant academic record. My parents were almost illiterate, so they placed all their hopes on me and said that the only way that I could change my fate was studying hard. All I could remember about my schooldays was that the teachers had such a difficult time keeping order as there were some kids who did not want to study and always made trouble.

I spent most of my time on study as you can imagine, but I also helped my parents by doing a lot of farm work in the fields.


11. Did you ever do anything to make your parents angry?


Oh, never. I have always been filial and obedient.

Yes, on a couple of occasions. Once I went back with a very bad school report and I can still see the disappointment in the eyes of my mother, though she didn’t say a word. I knew that I had let her down. The other thing that is still in my memory is that my father got so angry when I did not take his advice to marry the girl my parents had arranged for me. I told him that I want to marry the one I loved, not the one they liked.


12. Is there anything you regrets about your childhood, or your young days?


Yes. I didn’t have the chance to learn to play some musical instruments. I wish I had learned how to play the violin. I wish I could have continued my training in basketball. I was a very good basketball player in the middle school.

Not at all. I like the thing as it is. I wouldn’t want to change a thing.


13. Do you think life is very different for young people nowadays?


Yes. Nowadays, the young have a lot more opputinities for education and entertainment, compared with that I had before. But to be honest, I like my simple but more interesting life. Children of today are always burdened with a lot of homework and extracurricular hobby training, and they are so lonely, contacting friends only through email and telephone. In my time, we had a lot of face-to-face communication, and we played together a lot more. We were better off spiritually but not materially.

Well, they are a lot happier today with their new computerized toys, games, and candies. Above all, they have dreams, dreams of going abroad to study, of becoming a millionaire.


14. How does your experience of your own childhood influence the way you’d like to bring up your child?


Well, I don’t have a child now. If I had a child, I think my experience would certainly influence how I would bring up my child. As  I didn’t have a happy childhood, I’d like my child to enjoy his/her childhood without any worry or anxiety. I will not force him/her to learn this or that. He/She can learn what he/she likes.

I’d like my child to fulfill my dreams: to be successful in his academic study and career. I didn’t have the money and opportunity then, but now, I will provide everything for his education and development.

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