Questions 1 – 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Bankside Recruitment Agency

●   Address of agency: 497 Eastside, Docklands

●   Name of agent: Becky 1……………

●   Phone number: 07866 510333

●   Best to call her in the 2……………

Typical jobs

●   Clerical and admin roles, mainly in the finance industry

●   Must have good 3……………… skills

●   Jobs are usually for at least one 4………………..

●   Pay is usually 5 £…………….. per hour

Registration process

●   Wear a 6………………. to the interview

●   Must bring your 7……………….. to the interview

●   They will ask questions about each applicant’s 8……………….

Advantages of using an agency

●   The 9………………. you receive at interview will benefit you

●   Will get access to vacancies which are not advertised

●   Less 10……………… is involved in applying for jobs



AMBER:               Hello William. This is Amber – you said to phone if I wanted to get more information about the job agency you mentioned. Is now a good time?

WILLIAM:            Oh, hi Amber. Yes. Fine. So the agency I was talking about is called Bankside – they’re based in Docklands – I can tell you the address now – 497 Eastside.

AMBER:               OK, thanks. So is there anyone in particular I should speak to there?

WILLIAM:            The agent I always deal with is called Becky Jamieson.

AMBER:               Let me write that down – Becky …

WILLIAM:            Jamieson (Q1) J-A-M-I-E-S-O-N.

AMBER:               Do you have her direct line?

WILLIAM:            Yes, it’s in my contacts somewhere – right, here we are: 078 double 6, 510 triple 3. I wouldn’t call her until the afternoon (Q2) if I were you – she’s always really busy in the morning trying to fill last-minute vacancies. She’s really helpful and friendly so I’m sure it would be worth getting in touch with her for an informal chat.

AMBER:               It’s mainly clerical and admin jobs they deal with, isn’t it?

WILLIAM:            That’s right. I know you’re hoping to find a full-time job in the media eventually – but Becky mostly recruits temporary staff for the finance sector – which will look good on your CV – and generally pays better too.

AMBER:               Yeah – I’m just a bit worried because I don’t have much office experience.

WILLIAM:            I wouldn’t worry. They’ll probably start you as a receptionist, or something like that. So what’s important for that kind of job isn’t so much having business skills or knowing lots of different computer systems – it’s communication (Q3) that really matters – so you’d be fine there. And you’ll pick up office skills really quickly on the job. It’s not that complicated.

AMBER:               OK good. So how long do people generally need temporary staff for? It would be great if I could get something lasting at least a month.

WILLIAM:            That shouldn’t be too difficult. But you’re more likely to be offered something for a week (Q4) at first, which might get extended. It’s unusual to be sent somewhere for just a day or two.

AMBER:               Right, I’ve heard the pay isn’t too bad – better than working in a shop or a restaurant.

WILLIAM:            Oh yes – definitely. The hourly rate is about £10 (Q5), 11 if you’re lucky.

AMBER:               That’s pretty good. I was only expecting to get eight or nine pounds an hour.


WILLIAM:            Do you want me to tell you anything about the registration process?

AMBER:               Yes, please. I know you have to have an interview.

WILLIAM:            The interview usually takes about an hour and you should arrange that about a week in advance.

AMBER:               I suppose I should dress smartly if it’s for office work – I can probably borrow a suit (Q6) from Mum.

WILLIAM:            Good idea. It’s better to look too smart than too casual.

AMBER:               Will I need to bring copies of my exam certificates or anything like that?

WILLIAM:            No – they don’t need to see those, I don’t think.

AMBER:               What about my passport(Q7)

WILLIAM:            Oh yes – they will ask to see that.

AMBER:               OK.

WILLIAM:            I wouldn’t get stressed about the interview though. It’s just a chance for them to build a relationship with you – so they can try and match you to a job which you’ll like. So there are questions about personality (Q8) that they always ask candidates – fairly basic ones. And they probably won’t ask anything too difficult like what your plans are for the future.

AMBER:               Hope not.

WILLIAM:            Anyway, there are lots of benefits to using an agency – for example, the interview will be useful because they’ll give you feedback (Q9) on your performance so you can improve next time.

AMBER:               And they’ll have access to jobs which aren’t advertised.

WILLIAM:            Exactly – most temporary jobs aren’t advertised.

AMBER:               And I expect finding a temporary job this way takes a lot less time (Q10) – it’s much easier than ringing up individual companies.

WILLIAM:            Yes indeed. Well I think …


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1   Jamieson

2   afternoon

3   communication

4   week

5   10/ten

6   suit

7   passport

8   personality

9   feedback

10   time



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