Questions 1 – 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Moving to Banford City


Linda recommends living in suburb of: …..Dalton…..


●   Average rent: 1 £…………… a month


●   Linda travels to work by 2……………

●   Limited 3…………… in city centre

●   Trains to London every 4……………. Minutes

●   Poor train service at 5……………

Advantages of living in Banford

●   New 6…………… opened recently

●   7…………… has excellent reputation

●   Good 8…………… on Bridge Street

Meet Linda

●   Meet Linda on 9………….. after 5.30 pm

●   In the 10…………… opposite the station


LINDA:  Hello, Linda speaking.

MATT:   Oh hi, Linda. This is Matt Brooks. Alex White gave me your number. He said you’d be able to give me some advice about moving to Banford.

LINDA:  Yes, Alex did mention you. How can I help?

MATT:   Well, first of all – which area to live in?

LINDA:  Well, I live in Dalton (Example), which is a really nice suburb – not too expensive, and there’s a nice park.

MATT:   Sounds good. Do you know how much it would be to rent a two bedroom flat there?

LINDA:  Yeah, you should be able to get something reasonable for 850 (Q1) pounds per month. That’s what people typically pay. You certainly wouldn’t want to pay more than 900 pounds. That doesn’t include bills or anything.

MATT:   No. That sound alright. I’ll definitely have a look there. Are the transport links easy from where you live?

LINDA:  Well, I’m very lucky. I work in the city centre so I don’t have to use public transport. I go by bike(Q2)

MATT:   Oh, I wish I could do that. Is it safe to cycle around the city?

LINDA:  Yes, it’s fine. And it keeps me fit. Anyway, driving to work in the city centre would be a nightmare because there’s hardly any parking (Q3). And the traffic during the rush hour can be bad.

MATT:   I’d be working from home but I’d have to go to London one or two days a week.

LINDA:  Oh, that’s perfect. Getting to London is no problem. There’s a fast train every 30 minutes (Q4) which only takes 45 minutes.

MATT:   That’s good.

LINDA:  Yeah, the train service isn’t bad during the week. And they run quite late at night. It’s weekends that are a problem (Q5). They’re always doing engineering work and you have to take a bus to Hadham and pick up the train there, which is really slow. But other than that, Banford’s a great place to live. I’ve never been happier.


LINDA:  There are some nice restaurants in the city centre and a brand new cinema which has only been open a couple of months (Q6). There’s a good arts centre too.

MATT:   Sounds like Banford’s got it all.

LINDA:  Yes! We’re really lucky. There are lots of really good aspects to living here. The schools are good and the hospital here is one of the best in the country (Q7). Everyone I know who’s been there’s had a positive experience. Oh, I can give you the name of my dentist too in Bridge Street (Q8), if you’re interested. I’ve been going to him for years and I’ve never had any problems.

MATT:   Oh, OK. Thanks!

LINDA:  I’ll find his number and send it to you.

MATT:   Thanks, that would be really helpful.

LINDA:  Are you planning to visit Banford soon?

MATT:   Yes. My wife and I are both coming next week. We want to make some appointments with estate agents.

LINDA:  I could meet you if you like and show you around.

MATT:   Are you sure? We’d really appreciate that.

LINDA:  Either a Tuesday or Thursday is good for me, after 5.30(Q9)

MATT:   Thursday’s preferable – Tuesday I need to get home before 6 pm.

LINDA:  Okay great. Let me know which train your catching and I’ll meet you in the cafe outside. You can’t miss it. It’s opposite the station and next to the museum. (Q10)

MATT:   Brilliant. I’ll text you next week then. Thanks so much for all the advice.

LINDA:  No problem. I’ll see you next week.


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1   850

2   bike / bicycle

3   parking

4   30 / thirty

5   weekend(s)

6   cinema

7   hospital

8   dentist

9   Thursday

10   café



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