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Questions 1 – 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



Events during Kenton Festival


Start date:  ……….16th………. May

Opening ceremony (first day)

●   In town centre, starting at 1…………….

      The mayor will make a speech

      A 2…………… will perform

      Performance of a 3……………. About Helen Tungate (a 4…………….)

      Evening fireworks display situated across the 5……………..

Other events

●   Video about relationships that children have with their 6……………

      Venue: 7……………. House

●   Performance of 8……………. Dances

      Venue: the 9…………….. market in the town centre

      Time: 2 and 5 pm every day except 1st day of festival

●   Several professional concerts and one by children

      Venue: library

      Time: 6.30 pm on the 18th


      Tickets available online from festival box office and from shops which have the festival 10……………. in their windows


MAN:                    Good morning, Kenton Festival box office. How can I help you?

WOMAN:             Oh, good morning. I’m coming to Kenton for a few days’ holiday next month, and a friend told me there’s a festival. She gave me this number to find out about it.

MAN:                    That’s right, the festival begins on the 16th of May (Example) and goes on till the 19th.

WOMAN:             Oh, that’s great. I’ll be there from the 15th till the 19th. So could you tell me the programme, please?

MAN:                    Well, on the first day, there’s the opening ceremony, in the town centre. People start gathering around 2 o’clock, to get a good place to see from, and the events will start at 2.45 (Q1), and finish about 5.30.

WOMAN:             OK, thanks. I’ll make sure I get there early to get a good spot.

MAN:                    The festival will be officially opened by the mayor. He’ll just speak for a few minutes, welcoming everyone to the festival. All the town councillors will be there, and of course lots of other people.

WOMAN:             Right.

MAN:                    Then there’ll be a performance by a band (Q2). Most years we have a children’s choir, but this year the local army cadets offered to perform, and they’re very good.

WOMAN:             Uhuh.

MAN:                    After that, a community group from the town will perform a play they’ve written themselves, just a short one. It’s about Helen Tungate (Q3). I don’t know if you’ve heard of her?

WOMAN:             I certainly have. She was a scientist years ago(Q4)

MAN:                    That’s right. She was born in Kenton exactly 100 years ago, so we’re celebrating her centenary.

WOMAN:             I’m a biologist, so I’ve always been interested in her, I didn’t realise she came from Kenton.

MAN:                    Yes. Well, all that will take place in the afternoon, and later, as the sun sets, there’ll be a firework display. You should go to the park to watch, as you’ll get the best view from there, and the display takes place on the opposite side of the river (Q5). It’s always one of the most popular events in the festival.

WOMAN:             Sounds great.


WOMAN:             And what’s happening on the other days?

MAN:                    There are several events that go on the whole time. For example, the students of the art college have produced a number of videos, all connected with relationships between children and their grandparents(Q6)

WOMAN:             That sounds interesting. It makes a change from children and parents, doesn’t it!

MAN:                    Exactly. Because the art college is in use for classes, throughout the festival, the videos are being shown in Handsworth House(Q7)

WOMAN:             How do you spell the name?

MAN:                    H-A-N-D-S-W-O-R-T-H. Handsworth House. It’s close to the Town Hall.

WOMAN:             Right.

MAN:                    Now let me see, what else can I tell you about?

WOMAN:             Are there any displays of ballet dancing? I’m particularly interested in that as I do it as a hobby.

MAN:                    There isn’t any ballet, I’m afraid, but there’ll be a demonstration of traditional dances from all round the country(Q8)

WOMAN:             Oh, that’d be nice. Where’s that being held?

MAN:                    It’s in the market in the town centre – the outdoor one, not the covered market (Q9). And it’s on at 2 and 5 every afternoon of the festival, apart from the first day.

WOMAN:             Lovely. I’m interested in all kinds of dancing, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy that!

MAN:                    Mmm. I’m sure you will.

WOMAN:             And I’d really like to go to some concerts, if there are any.

MAN:                    Yes, there are several. Three performed by professionals, and one by local children.

WOMAN:             And where is it being held?

MAN:                    It’s in the library, which is in Part Street. On the 18th, at 6.30 in the evening.

WOMAN:             I presume I’ll need tickets for that.

MAN:                    Yes, you can book online, or you can buy them when you arrive in Kenton, either at the festival box office, or from any shops displaying our logo in the windows(Q10)

WOMAN:             Well, I think that’ll keep me busy for the whole of my stay in Kenton. Thank you so much for all your help.

MAN:                    You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.

WOMAN:             Thank you. Goodbye.


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1   2.45

2   band

3   play

4   scientist

5   river

6   grandparents

7   Handsworth

8   traditional

9   outdoor

10   logo



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