Những câu hỏi và trả lời phổ biến nhất chủ đề Ielts Speaking part 1 weather

Thời tiết là một chủ đề khá phổ biến trong phần thi ielts speaking part 1. Bạn sẽ được hỏi một loạt các câu hỏi như " nơi bạn ở có bao nhiêu mùa trong năm", " bạn thích mùa nào nhất trong năm", " thời tiết ảnh hưởng như thế nào đến tâm trạng của bạn", " mọi người nơi bạn ở có hay bàn về chuyện thời tiết hay không?". 




Thời tiết là một chủ đề khá phổ biến trong phần thi ielts speaking part 1. Bạn sẽ được hỏi một loạt các câu hỏi như " nơi bạn ở có bao nhiêu mùa trong năm", " bạn thích mùa nào nhất trong năm", " thời tiết ảnh hưởng như thế nào đến tâm trạng của bạn", " mọi người nơi bạn ở có hay bàn về chuyện thời tiết hay không?". Do vậy Native Speaker xin giới thiệu đến các bạn tổng hợp các câu hỏi và trả lời về topic thời tiết để các bạn tham khảo và chuẩn bị tốt cho kì thi nói Ielts sắp tới của mình.


Weather or climate is a very common topic that is frequently given in this part of the test. You may be required to talk about what the weather is like, how many seasons your country has, what your favorite season is, whether or not the weather affects your mood, what effects of different weather conditions on people’s personality are, what causes and measures against disasters or environment pollution are, etc.

Let’s now talk about the weather

Below are some sample questions and possible answers.

What’s the weather/climate like in your home town/city?

Tell me something about the weather/climate in your home town.

The weather in my home town is quite nice actually. It is mild all the year-round, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. We haven’t experienced any extreme weather conditions.

It has four clear-cut seasons. In spring it is windy and warm, sometimes very dusty. In summer, it is rainy and hot with a few rather humid days which can make us very uncomfortable. In autumn, the sky is clear and sunny, but it can be very foggy on some days. In winter, it is dry and cold with the temperature going down to 10 degrees Celsius sometimes.

Well, the weather in my home town is very similar to what we have here in this city. It’s not very hot summer – the highest about 35 degrees Celsius. In the winter, it’s not very cold, about 20 or 21 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn are both mild and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. 

The weather in this area is always very changeable. You just can’t tell what weather you will have in the next hour.

I think the key features about the climate there is that it is very dry and windy all year-round.

There are 4 seasons: Winter is cold, dry, and windy; spring is short and rainy; summer is hot and humid with temperatures as high as 35 degrees Celsius and even 37 degrees in the sunshine, making this city one of the four furnaces in Vietnam. It can be terrible in summer unless you have air conditioning, and autumn is probably the best season – neither too hot nor too cold or humid. It’s very comfortable.


Does your home town any extreme weather?

Fortunately, no. During the wet seasons, we do have heavy rainfall, but we have built some hydropower stations at the upper stretches of  Dong Nai River, so we can control the water volume. And of course, you can imagine during the dry seasons, we can use water for irrigation. This river has brought us a lot of benefits; fertile land, clear surroundings, and beautiful environment.


What is the best time to visit your home town?

The best season in my home town is autumn when you can see the golden colour of harvest. All the mountains are covered in yellow due to the colour change of leaves. The average temperature is about 20 degrees. In my home town, the seasons are really distinct. Summer is very hot and humid and the temperature can go up to 35 degrees, but never as hot as those places in the north of Vietnam. It seldom goes down as far as 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.

Winter is freezing and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try to live there unless they want to challenge themselves.


What do you think about the greenhouse effect?

What are the common problems brought about by weather conditions in this area?

The greenhouse effect is one of the most serious problems that we’ve encountered. It results from our modern lifestyle: the excessive use of automobiles, air conditioning, and fridges. The temperature has gone up so much that we haven’t seen snow in this area for several years.

One of the common problems in this area, attributable to weather conditions, is the foggy weather in winter. For quite a few days the fog can be so thick that the expressway and airports have to be closed to traffic, which can result in great economic loss. Another problem that comes into my mind is rheumatoid arthritis that many senior people suffer from due to the humidity, especially in summer.


It is possible to predict natural disasters to minimize the damage?

Yes, I believe so. Actually, with the development of science and technology, scientists have successfully predicted many natural disasters such as floods, droughts, volcanoes, and earthquakes. In this way, any lives have been saved and damage minimized.


What do you think we can do to help those people suffering from natural disasters?

First of all, we should appeal for donation. International aid can help those people to some extent but it cannot solve all their problems. So, we should help them to build up their confidence as well as home.

Well, I don’t think money or material things are enough. They need to depend on themselves for fortunate development, but timely help in the form of science and technology can make the difference.


How has the weather changed recently in Vietnam?

Well, I think the weather has changed a lot recently. With the greenhouse effect, people can sometimes see snow in Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam, in winter. In summer it is very difficult for the elderly and children to tear themselves away from air-conditioned rooms.


To what extent do you think people’s personalities can be influenced by the climate they have?

I do think people can be affected very strongly by the kind of climate they have. As we know, it is very hot in Da Nang, so you can see the local people are quite straightforward, outgoing, and quick-tempered, and the pitch and the speed with which they speak tend to be higher and faster, whereas here in Ho Chi Minh City where the temperature is not so high, people do not show such traits. However, in my opinion, people’s personality is more strongly affected by genetic factors, family background, and also by the kind of education they receive.


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