Ms Gem

Loregem T. Sumbing, 39 years old, Iloilo City, Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - College


Personal Information:
Name: Loregem T. Sumbing
Age: 39 years old
Address: Iloilo City, Philippines
Educational Background:
Master of Arts in Christian Education – Major in School Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education 
Early Childhood Education (ECE)-Pre-School Specialization Course
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - College
University of San Agustin – High School
Tigbauan Central Elementary School - Elementary    
Work Experiences:
Volunteer as a Teacher – Buyuan Day Care Center
Dell Financial Services – CSR (inbound)
TEFL - 120 Hours with Certification and Completion Letter
TESOL - 120 Hours with Certification and Completion Letter    
Teaching Notes:
Through the years of studying and doing voluntary teaching, I had developed and maintain a good and effective communication skills as well as time management skills required to be a good educator. I had also learned skills in dealing with various types of people, they maybe of different age groups and to managed different personality. I do believe that teaching is not only sharing your skills and knowledge to your students as well as building a good relationship with them but also learning with them at the same time. Remember always, “English is Fun”.


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